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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Nothing could be more off-topic or off-brand than this email. It has absolutely nothing to do with my job (as a consultant, helping teams). However, it's a weird time and I needed some good content for my kids so I could have a few hours a week to do my "day job". Here is a round-up of resources we will be using or have used in the past, some educationally rich, some just indoor PE (also, very necessary!) or fun. Please let me know your favorites and I'll add as I have time (Ha! -I have all the time in the world and no time at all, can I get an amen!). Also, let me know if any links are bad, I put it all together in a jif.

My Sis sent this to me yesterday:

Without further ado:

Virtual Tours & Videos:

1. Smithsonian Natural History Museum

2. The Vatican

3. The Louvre

4. Getty Museum

5. British Museum, London

5. San Diego Zoo

6. National Aquarium

7. Yellowstone National Park

8. The Great Wall of China

Want more? Check out Google's collection of art museums and galleries.

These youtube stations:

1. Houston Zoo

2. Smart Girls

3. The Brain Scoop

4. Smithsonian Channel

5. Kids Learning Tube

6. Homeschool Pop

7. Free School

8. TedEd

9. Khan Academy

10. Bible Project

11. Art for Kids Hub


1. List of Netflix Educational Documentaries here.

2. How It's Made videos from Discover UK on youtube (we recommend sprinkles or toilet paper).

3. Free stories from Audible during school shutdowns.

4. The Rabbit Room Digital Care Package (some content from some of our favorite authors & musicians)

Just for fun/Get Moving:

1. GoNoodle (we love MooseTube and ZumbaKids)

2. Disney Virtual Tours

3. Interactive page from the San Diego Zoo

4. Lunch doodles with Mo Willems

5. America's Test Kitchen Kids


1. Brains On - NPR's kid science podcast

2. Classics for kids -music podcast

3. Circle Round - short stories

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