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Updated: Feb 8, 2020

It's easy to see one picture of someone on a professional website and think of them living a one-note life. So, let's get to know each other as humans, who spend some time at work and more time (hopefully!) in the rest of our real lives.


First things first. I've been married to my college sweetheart Jeff for 20 years (this June). These pics are 1. In Nashville at the delicious bartaco (ask the bartender for the "secret taco") 2. In a mall photobooth somewhere outside Chicago in our first year of marriage 3. At the construction site of a build we are currently doing (you can follow our side hustle on IG @mountainmodernhomes) 4. In our yard this Fall, taken by the talented & lovely teacher/photographer @alisahayesphotography


I'm a Mom - with 3 cool kids. None of them are go-with-the-program kids (ok, my son is a little bit - as long as the program includes A LOT of activity). My husband and I have had at least 100 conversations asking: "where did they come from, with all these opinions and agendas?!". If you know us personally, you might be laughing that we don't recognize in ourselves the over-abundance of opinions and agendas. But as kids! No way, we went with the program (our parent's program). So, we lean into all the comments about how they will grow up to be leaders and try and grow along side them. Most days it works!

Being outside with my kids is hands down my favorite way to spend time together:

1. Adventure van and the kids at one of our favorite hiking spots near home -Benham Falls

2. At the Smith Rock Ranch cornmaze 3. Camping in McCall, Idaho


Franki is my 11-year old daughter (going on 30, since birth, really). She's really great at ballet (she's performed in a couple Nutrackers, Cinderella and Giselle!). When she's not dancing she loves to read and bake - one her favorite things on the weekend is hosting "kid's bakeoff challenge" Bale edition with her siblings/friends. She's in her first year of middle school and she is handling that big milestone with surprising grace and ease. She is equal parts the most responsible kid I know/the most head-strong kid I know.


Eliza is my 9-year old daughter. She's really musical (plays ukulele and violin) and can be found standing in front of a speaker listening to music and figuring out how to play it by ear. Her favorite thing to do is anything done SLOWWWWWWWLYYYYY. Her idea of a great day is to not be in a rush, putter in her room, get lost in her head and be on "island-time". She is a great friend and her smile can light up any room. She also has a stubborn streak to beat all. If she doesn't want to do something, no one can put on the breaks like she does. She is equal parts sweet and sassy!


Kitch is my (almost) 7-year old son. He is full of sweetness and energy. I am usually greeted very early in the morning by him wanting to know the agenda. Can he have a friend over, are we going anywhere, can he spend the night at Noni's house? (my parents live a few doors down from us). He is always looking for ways to make a few dollars to add to his jar to buy more legos (heaven knows we don't need any more legos!). On his birthday list this year he asked for a brother - preferably one his own age. So, if you see any stray 7-year olds wandering around send them our way. He gets time with buddies playing all sorts of sports - soccer, basketball and baseball! He loves to make us laugh, and is always trying out new silly material on us to see what "works"


Last, but not least, here's a little more about me:

Canoeing on Hosmer Lake
Canoeing on Hosmer Lake

LIFE: I'm happiest when I am sitting outside, near a fire, or with my hands in the dirt. I love to read and often get lost in my head making connections between different ideas and themes (yes, I know how dorky that sounds). Like a true introvert I have never had "too much alone time", but my absolute best days are when my whole family is home, outside together in the yard and my kids are getting along, playing creatively, and asking me for absolutely nothing. I love our hometown of Bend, OR! We live in an area with loads of deer passing through and have a resident bunny family doing it's best to kill the lawn my husband is trying to keep alive. We moved here in the hopes that we would raise outdoor kids and so far it's panning out. WORK: My area of expertise is personality type (heavy on MBTI and enneagram, I'm an ISFP and a 9w8, respectively), team dynamics, organizational development, and facilitation. Like many introverts, I can look like an extravert in my area of expertise. I am energized by helping teams break bad interpersonal habits, see each other as real human beings (& not work robots) and generally make work a better place to be. I love to facilitate work for small teams (under 20 people) and hope/plan to eventually spend all my work hours facilitating teams in real life all over the globe.



Now tell me something about you? Your MBTI or Enneagram type? Your favorite way to spend a day? Your favorite kid (just kidding!)? What you like best about yourself?

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