My coaching has one simple goal: your success! Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned professional, the coaching is as unique as you are and is tailored to fit your desire to be your best and achieve both your personal and professional goals.

Successful coaching is based on your unfiltered processing of where you are & where you desire to go. It's set in a confidential, honest, and responsive environment. Your dreams are given the time to become your reality through strategic conversations and concrete action plans. Want to know more about what coaching is? Find more here. Want to try a complimentary coaching call? Schedule here


Working with me will give your team practical tools for better understanding themselves individually, their place within the team and the overarching dynamics of your unique mix of personalities and strengths. I work with key stakeholders to diagnose company needs and create the right content for your team based on your available resources, time constraints and outcome goals. I enjoy the complexity of approaching every improvement and development initiative with fresh ideas that fit the particular organizational needs. 


Here is what my clients are saying about the experience:


"In a work setting there usually isn't a lot of time to get to know people on a deeper level. Not only did this workshop create a deeper understanding

and appreciation for my coworkers, but also how to best nurture that relationship moving forward based on their personality type"


"The work you did was much more than I anticipated and went to levels that surprised me"


"The content is rich and applicable practically, not just theoretically. Excellent facilitation"


"I gleaned so much from your expertise. You taught us how to be vulnerable, how to address conflict, and called us to a better way of working together"


"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the conference. You are a fantastic facilitator and made it easy to share. I have been a part of many getaways that aspire to accomplish what you did so effortlessly."


"Shaping the culture of the organization is one of the most critical responsibilities of senior executive leadership. Most leadership development professionals agree, however, that before executives can transform their organization's culture, they must first transform themselves. In order to effect this deep personal change, individual leaders must first increase their self-awareness. Using the MBTI assessment can help leaders see how their personal preferences may be influencing their organization's culture and how they can adopt a fuller spectrum of leadership to improve the organization's effectiveness and performance."  -excerpt from Leadership in High-Performance Organizational Cultures by Stanley D. Truskie, PhD


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